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Opportunity Knocks

As Melissa mentioned in her blog, we get asked all the time about how this all started. She is correct when she says that it was a bit of a lark. It was one of those things that we all had thought about individually but had never voiced it out loud until that night at the restaurant.

At first it was just a fun idea. But when I tossed around all of the ideas in my head, I kept thinking about topics, ideas and subjects that have already been written about. Being an educator, you are exposed to many different kinds of books. On the one hand, that is great exposure but on the other hand, it makes it really difficult to think of something different, something unique but still traditional. Something that hasn’t been done before. As educators, Melissa and I wanted both an educational piece as well as a fun, hands on reading series for learners. So, when Melissa suggested the science mystery and adding the Next Generation Science Standards into these books, it all made sense. So we started writing.

Our idea/first chapter book sat untouched for six years as our lives went one way and the next. Life with jobs, families and kids can be busy every day of the year. We had shopped it out to various publishing companies, but as Melissa said in her blog, we got nothing. What was told to us is that certain publishing companies didn’t want to publish anything educational. I thought this strange as I see the educational piece in almost everything that children are exposed to. I mean, why not have it all, a great story, great characters, learning tools to help hit the standards in the classroom for both science and reading, as well as parents and kids alike enjoying the hands on piece to our books?

This brings us to the here and now. We weren’t going to compromise our underlying mission and that is to educate and empower teachers with another learning tool to help them teach in a cross curricular fashion. With that being said, the summer of 2019 was a gift. Melissa, with thanks to Jeff Kubiak’s introduction, suggested we introduce ourselves and our ideas to Sarah Thomas with EduMatch Publishing Company. Edumatch’s mission is to empower educators and to bring our voices, ideas and skills beyond the confines of the four walls in which we teach. This is so powerful and so inspiring and so exciting.

Once again we held our breath, sent it off and this time we were welcomed with open arms. So, with a little change to the chapter book (we turned it into a graphic novel), we are on our way through the process of getting published.

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