How We Got Started

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

We often are asked how this whole idea came to be. To be honest, it was a bit of a lark. Jennifer, our friend Martha, and I were all together one evening six years ago. If I remember correctly, we were eating out together with our families for a school fundraiser. School always factors into our process in some way!

We were sitting together in the loud restaurant chatting and laughing and playing "what if". Jennifer and Martha were talking about writing a book. I jumped in and said we should make it about kids solving mysteries using Science. We all looked at each other and vowed that it would happen.

We would go to one of our houses open up our Google Doc and hammer out ideas. Over time, we had a whole story in the form of a chapter book. Jennifer and I did the writing and Martha helped us try to get organized. We researched and put together a pitch packet and shopped our idea all over the publishing world. No bites. Zero. Nada.

I got a principal position at a different school and we fell out of touch with each other and with the project. Life was simply too busy.

Fast forward to the summer of 2019. I had gotten on Twitter a few months prior and started to interact with other educators and authors. I watched Jeff Kubiak release his amazing book One Drop of Kindness and had been chatting with him about being a school principal, a children's book author, and life in general. I just knew our great idea should no longer be shelved. I picked up the phone and got in touch with Jennifer, my co-author and got permission to try again. Jeff kindly made an introduction to his publisher, EduMatch, and we submitted our proposal. Wouldn't you know it, the idea got picked up.

We have added Noella Bickel to the mix as our amazing illustrator and Martha is working on her contributions to the Lab Coat Kid world (you will have to wait and see- no spoilers here).

Bottom line. When you have a dream, don't let it go. Even if you have to put it on the shelf for awhile, hold on. If it is meant to be, the right people and circumstances will appear. You just need to believe and keep looking for the opportunity to manifest. I'm so glad we did. I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.

Meet Bernoulli, our main character's pet and scene stealer.

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